Mindfulness 8-week Foundational training

You probably recognize this: the tendency not to allow uncomfortable or unpleasant thoughts or emotions, but rather to disapprove or suppress them. That takes a lot of energy. Mindfulness teaches us to take a more accepting attitude towards our thoughts, emotions and physical feelings. And by learning to let go of judgment and becoming more aware of stuck patterns, you can allow space to arise and then suddenly you discover that you have an option to make other choices!

At work, mindfulness has incredible potential. With tools that increase mental and emotional capacity, we can respond competently and confidently to difficult situations while making decisions and negotiating respectfully with colleagues and customers.


The training consists of eight weekly Zoom meetings and a silence retreat day (also via Zoom). A training group consists of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 16 people. In the meetings we practice with different meditation techniques such as the body scan, sitting meditation, walking meditation and light yoga. Mindfulness is a real experiential type of learning (same as learning to play the piano or learning a new language) and meditation is the technique that is used as a foundation for this.

In the group we can reflect and share insights about personal experiences of the week before - which is sure to bring another layer of learning for you. Practicing at home is an important (if not, most important) part of the training, and you will be provided with guided audio for this. Experience shows that practicing at home is essential for the effectiveness of the training. This takes about 30 minutes a day.


Important elements of the mindfulness foundational training are:
  • Dealing with stress and pressure in your head in a healthier way
  • Insight into (automatic and unhelpful) thought and behavior patterns
  • More confidence to make choices and to stop procrastination
  • Develop a friendly basic attitude towards yourself and others
  • Better to relax and put things into perspective
Research shows that mindfulness can bring the following to the workplace:
  • Greater self-awareness and improved emotional intelligence
  • More adaptability and flexibility
  • Less stress and "being burdened" by deadlines
  • Improved interpersonal relationships
  • More creativity, clearer thinking and more focused at work
  • Increased sense of well-being


Do you often feel like a juggler who has to keep too many juggling balls in the air simultaneoulsy? Then this training is just right for you! By following this training you will really get to be at the helm of your life.

You will slowly but surely learn to make the choices that are right for you, that give you energy and joy. And you will not only notice that yourself, the people around you will also notice it!

Peace ofmind is no longer something that will only be possible later - it is within reach right now!


To make joining this mindfulness training feasible for everyone, there are various rates applicable:

  • 444 euros standard rate
  • 555 euros if your employer pays / payment via your own business (excl VAT if applicable)
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